Alla Breve France Musique | 2014 December 1 to 7

Alla Breve is a radio programme on France Musique which broadcasts every week a musical piece specifically commissioned. I made a piece for this programme 14 years ago named « En nuestros labios » using a short poem by the spanish poet and soldier Francisco de Aldana (1537 – 1576) sung, spoken and whispered by two female singers, Dominique Moaty and Claire Zalamansky. This work is broadcast again this week, thanks to the producer Anne Montaron with a new interview and some extracts of other pieces of mine. Especially on Sunday 7 at 11:30pm.

Producer : Anne Montaron – France Musique
Location : France Musique radio station
Date : from monday 12/1 to sunday 12/7 at different times. See the radio website for details. Podcast available