Catégorie : Théâtre | Danse

  • Mila Nuèits e Una de Mai

    Mila Nuèits e Una de Mai

    Soundtrack for dance performance | 2013 | stereo | 36′43 Studios: Struzz Studio Elements: Soundtrack composed for the eponymous dance performance by Fabienne Larroque based on the One Thousand and One nights tales | Recorded voices by Manijeh Nouri (persian), Myrna Najjarian (arabic) and Alem Surre Garcia (occitan) | Stage dress and sets by Anne…

  • Bureau de tabac

    Bureau de tabac

    Music for Theater | 2012-2013 | stereo | 40′ Studios: Struzz Studio Elements: music composed for the theatrical adaptation of Fernando Pessoa’s poem « Bureau de Tabac », by Valérie Moyon (Cie Hypothèse Théâtre) | Video by Claire Sauvaget | Bénedicte Rossignol, actress Record: none Footage: none

  • Une femme normale-à-en-mourir

    Une femme normale-à-en-mourir

    Live Music for Danse | 2009-2011 | stereo | 40′ Studios: éOle Studio | Struzz Studio Elements: music composed for the danse/theater performance by Fabienne Larroque, Cie Coda Norma, based on a text by Jan Fabre | lights by Christian Toullec Record: none