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SdT-Project | May 30 2013

New live electronic performance with Christophe Ruetsch for the preview of the new Saut du Tarn Museum scenography. Producer : Saut du Tarn Museum Location : Saut du Tarn Museum | Saint Juéry | France Date : Thursday May 30 | 6:00 pm

Corps-Écran | May 16 2013

This live Dance-Video-Music performance is scheduled on May 16 in Toulouse as part of the Emergence festival organized by patch_work collective. Golnaz Behrouznia, video – Amandine Vernet, dance – Matthieu Fappani, vjing – François Donato, live sounding perf video excerpt here Producer : patch_work collective (Toulouse) Location : Alban Minville Cultural Center | Toulouse | […]

Arrays | April 18 2013

Our spring mini-tour ends in Bologna (Italy). We have been invited by composer Francesco Giomi, professor at the Bologna Conservatory, to take part of the Suona Francese festival in his town. We’ll be only Hervé and me for this performance. Producer : Bologna Conservatory – Suona Francese festival Location : Bellegarde Cultural Center | Toulouse […]

Arrays | April 11 2013

Next stop for Arrays : Toulouse for the Empreintes Numériques festival. Producer : Empreintes Numériques festival Location : Bellegarde Cultural Center | Toulouse | France Date : Tuesday April 11 | 8:00 pm

Arrays | April 9 2013

Our Arrays Spring (mini)Tour continues with a stop in Metz where we have been invited to perform by the association Fragment. Producer : Fragment Asso Location : Saulcy Theater | Metz | France Date : Tuesday April 9 | 8:00 pm

Arrays | April 5 2013

The Arrays team (H. Birolini + O. Irthum + me) will be at Césaré Studio in Reims from April 2 to April 5. A short residence to develop further our project and then a concert. Producer : CÉSARÉ – National Center for Musical Creation Location : CÉSARÉ | Reims | France Date : Friday April […]

Bureau de tabac | February 21 2013

Valérie Moyon, director of Hypothèse Théâtre company, is working on a new stage production of this poem by Alvaro de Campos (ie Fernando Pessoa). This version is for one actress (Bénédicte Rossignol), vidéo (Claire Sauvaget) and sounds (François Donato). Producer: Compagnie Hypothèse Théâtre – Toulouse- France Location: Narbonne Music, Danse and Theater Academy – France […]

Traverse Sensorielle

Interactive multichannel sounding installation | 2011-2012 | conception, sound-design and programming Part of the global eponymous museography designed by Aude Fournié, Vincent Sabes and Chloé Soissons for the Saut du Tarn Museum in Saint Juery (France) Sound-design also by Christophe Ruetsch and Jacky Mérit. Technical setup by Cristal Audio (Alex Iphaine) Production: Saut du Tarn […]

Une femme normale-à-en-mourir

Live Music for Danse | 2009-2011 | stereo | 40′ Studios: éOle Studio | Struzz Studio Elements: music composed for the danse/theater performance by Fabienne Larroque, Cie Coda Norma, based on a text by Jan Fabre | lights by Christian Toullec Record: none


Live Performance | 2012 | stereo | 20′ Studios: Struzz Studio Elements: live music for dance + video performance with Amandine Vernet (dance), Golnaz Behrouznia (movies and video tracking) and Matthieu Fappani (vjing) Commission: Bellegarde Cultural Center (Toulouse) for Empreintes Numériques Festival 2012 Record: none Footage :


Live Performance | 2012 | 4 channels | 20′ or 45′ Studios: Ina-GRM | Struzz Studio Elements: live electronic duet with Hervé Birolini and lights by Olivier Irthum Commission: Radio France for Presences Electronique Festival 2012 Record: none

Installation | Museum

Traverse Sensorielle, the interactive sounding installation at Saut du Tarn Museum (St Juery – France) is still under technical tests. It should be ready for public testing next week. If you are around in October, come to visit this small but beautiful museum devoted to the rich industrial past of the site.

Perles de Cordes

Acousmatic music | 2007-2008 | 5.1 surround | 11’30 Studios: Ina-GRM – Paris | Studio éOle Elements: mainly electric guitar… Commission: French Ministry for Culture Record: Faces of Strings


Acousmatic music | 2005-2006 | 5.1 surround | 15’30 Studios: Studio éOle Elements: electric guitar mainly… Commission: Studio éOle Record: Faces of Strings

The Lights of B.

Acousmatic music | 2003-2004 | 5.1 surround | 14’30 Studios: Ina-GRM – Paris | personal studio Elements: virtual analog synthesis, electric guitar… Commission: Ina-GRM Record: none


Acousmatic music | 2001 | stereo | 11’30 Studios: Ina-GRM – Paris Elements: female voices… Commission: Teatro Massimo – Palermo – Italy Record: none

Hors du Chaos

Acousmatic music | 2003 | stereo | 18′ Studios: Ina-GRM – Paris | personal studio Elements: various… Commission: Rien à voir Festival – Montreal – Canada Record: none

En nuestros labios

Acousmatic music | 2000 | stereo| 10′ Studios: Ina-GRM – Paris Elements: voices by Dominique Moaty & Claire Zalamansky | poem by Francisco de Aldana (1537-1578) Commission: Radio France, Alla Breve program Record: none

Corps de compassion

Acousmatic Music | 2000 | stereo | 15′ Studios: TU – Berlin | Ina-GRM – Paris Elements: field recordings and various… Commission: DAAD for Inventionen 2000 Festival – Berlin Record: RZ 10012/13

La chair du sourire

Acousmatic Music | 1999 | stereo | 14’45 Studios: Ina-GRM – Paris Elements: various… Commission: Ina-GRM Record: none