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Origine (Mme D.) | Annecy | 10 février

Dans le cadre d’un focus éOle organisé par Jean Favory, professeur de composition du C.R.R. d’Annecy. Un programme de pièces acousmatiques du collectif éOle : – François Donato Origine (Mme D.) – Bertrand Dubedout Zazpiak A – Pierre Jodlowski The Kingdom of Beneath Rencontre avec les étudiants l’après-midi avant le concert. Vendredi 10 février – […]

Lumina Fiction | Abidjan | 9 – 11 février 2017

Dans le cadre des premières Rencontres Internationales des Arts Numériques d’Abidjan (RIANA) organisées par l’artiste et opérateur culturel ivoirien Jacob Bleu en partenariat avec l’Institut Français d’Abidjan. En coopération avec Le Centre des Arts d’Enghien-les-Bains. Du 9 au 11 février Institut Français | Abidjan | Côte d’Ivoire

Struzz | 2015 May 23

This 5.1 acousmatic piece will be part of the Sound Cinema programme presented by éOle Collective in the frame of Musica Electronica Festival 2015. With works by Bertrand Dubedout and Christophe Ruetsch. See more about the festival Musica Electronica Nova Producer : Philarmony – Wroclaw – Poland Location : Grotowski Institute – Wroclaw – Poland […]

Arrays | 2015 May 22

Thanks to the André Malraux Cultural Center in Vandœuvre-lez-Nancy and its director Dominique Répécaud, we have the opportunity to play once more that musical performance. It will be part of the Musique-Action 2015 Festival programme. See more on the festival website Producer : Musique-Action Festival / Cie Distorsions Location : Salle des Fêtes – Vandœuvre-les-Nancy […]

Origine (Mme D.) | 2015 May 6 to 9

My last acousmatic piece will be played at Les Amplitudes Festival, La Chaux-de-Fonds – Switzerland, as part of the Bagatelles Electroniques programme. This year, this monographic festical invites Pierre Jodlowski for several events covering the diversity of his works (concerts, music for movies, performances, installation…). The Bagatelles Electroniques programme is scheduled every day of the […]

Lumina Fiction | 2015 April 24 to May 22

This new interactive work by iranian artist Golnaz Behrouznia will be presented in Pamiers by the association Mille Tiroirs. I realized the sound-design and interaction programming. Learn more at the artist website See the trailer Producer : Mille Tiroirs – Pamiers Location : Salle Espalioux – Pamiers Date : Friday April 24 to Friday May […]

Arrays | 2015 March 12

A new occasion to discover that musical performance I play with the composer Hervé Birolini and light-video artist Oliver Irthum. See more at the Arsenal website Producer : L’Arsenal – Metz + Cie Distorsions – Nancy Location : Petite Salle – L’Arsenal – Metz Date : Thursday March 12 – 10pm

En Nuestros Labios | 2015 February 10

The musical company MOTUS organizes a concert focused on acousmatic music at the 2nd District City Hall and chose my piece En Nuestros Labios to be part of the programme with pieces by Daniel Teruggi, Nicholas Virgo and Patrick Ascione. Producer : Ville de Paris – Motus Location : Exhibition Room – 2nd District City […]

Gustave en Egypte

Music for a documentary movie On the occasion of an exhibition, the Bellegarde Cultural Center proposed me to compose the soundtrack of their new video production focused on the Flaubert’s travel to Egypt in 1840 – 1850. The movie is using only pictures and sequences found on the internet related to the locations visited by […]

Alla Breve France Musique | 2014 December 1 to 7

Alla Breve is a radio programme on France Musique which broadcasts every week a musical piece specifically commissioned. I made a piece for this programme 14 years ago named “En nuestros labios” using a short poem by the spanish poet and soldier Francisco de Aldana (1537 – 1576) sung, spoken and whispered by two female […]

Bureau de Tabac | 2014 December 2

The next performance of Bureau de Tabac will take place at La Fabrique, Toulouse Jean Jaures University, as part of the CIAM cultural program. Director : Valérie Moyon Actress : Bénédicte Rossignol Live video : Claire Sauvaget Live sound : François Donato Producer : Company Hypothèse Théâtre | Toulouse | France Location : CIAM – […]

Fuji Acousmatic Festival | 2014 May 20 to 25

I am invited in Japan next week, thanks to Taro Yoshihara, FAF festival manager and composer, and Kazuko Narita, ACSM-116 manager and composer too. Program – Wednesday 21 : lecture at Showa University – Tokyo – Thursday 22 : lecture at Denikidaigaku University – Tokyo – Friday 23 to Sunday 25 : rehearsals and concert […]

Bureau de Tabac | 2014 May 13

The Bellegarde Cultural Center in Toulouse will welcome our stage version of the famous Fernando Pessoa’s poem. Director : Valérie Moyon Actress : Bénédicte Rossignol Live video : Claire Sauvaget Live sound : François Donato Producer : Company Hypothèse Théâtre | Toulouse | France Location : Centre Culturel Bellegarde | Toulouse | France Date : […]

Mila Nuèits e Una de Mai

Soundtrack for dance performance | 2013 | stereo | 36′43 Studios: Struzz Studio Elements: Soundtrack composed for the eponymous dance performance by Fabienne Larroque based on the One Thousand and One nights tales | Recorded voices by Manijeh Nouri (persian), Myrna Najjarian (arabic) and Alem Surre Garcia (occitan) | Stage dress and sets by Anne […]

Origine (Mme D.)

Acousmatic music | 2013-14 | 9 channels | 19’30 Studios : Struzz Studio, éOle Studio – GRM Studio Elements : Various, from field-recordings to synthesis and electric guitar. Texts from Dr Alois Alzheimer notes recorded by Pascale Calvet and Ulrich Funcke. Commission : Ina-GRM and Studio éOle Premiere : 2014 January 15 at MPAA – […]

Bureau de tabac

Music for Theater | 2012-2013 | stereo | 40′ Studios: Struzz Studio Elements: music composed for the theatrical adaptation of Fernando Pessoa’s poem “Bureau de Tabac”, by Valérie Moyon (Cie Hypothèse Théâtre) | Video by Claire Sauvaget | Bénedicte Rossignol, actress Record: none Footage: none

Origine (Mme D.) | 2014 January 15

New acousmatic piece commissioned by Ina-GRM and Studio éOle. This is a 9 channels piece, octophonic system + solo speaker, based on the early works of Dr Aloïs Alzheimer on the neurological desease named after him. I used extracts of two Alzheimer’s publications (1906 and 1911) upon the two cases he studied and specifically the […]

Bureau de Tabac | 2013 December 3 to 7

After the premiere last February, this stage production of the famous poem by Fernando Pessoa is on tour in Toulouse. First stop at La Cave Poésie where we’ll play for 5 evenings. Director : Valérie Moyon Actress : Bénédicte Rossignol Live video : Claire Sauvaget Live sound : François Donato Producer : Company Hypothèse Théâtre […]

Mila Nuèits e una de mai | September 12 2013

Soundtrack for a danse performance by Fabienne Larroque, Cie Coda Norma, based upon the famous Persian and Arabian tales. The project is focused on the very beginning of the original text which gives the global frame for all subsequent tales. Lights and scenography by Christian Toullec. Set and costumes by Anne Bacquié With technical support […]