New acousmatic piece commissioned by Ina-GRM and Studio éOle. This is a 9 channels piece, octophonic system + solo speaker, based on the early works of Dr Aloïs Alzheimer on the neurological desease named after him. I used extracts of two Alzheimer’s publications (1906 and 1911) upon the two cases he studied and specifically the Auguste Deter case which led him on the track of this desease. Two comedians have recorded those texts, Pascale Calvet for the french translation of the Mme D. case and Ulrich Funke for the original german version of Johann F. case.
Composed in Struzz studio and éOle studio.

Producer : Ina-GRM | Paris | France
Location : MPAA Saint Germain | Paris | France
Date : Wednesday January 15 – 7:30 pm